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Cleveland, Ohio has some beautiful neighborhoods. Just a short distance from the busy city lights of downtown are neighborhoods that have a delightful mix of old-time and trendy modern living. Residents from all walks of life can enjoy historical homes, upscale apartments, quaint boutiques, and charming coffee shops that provide residents with their daily shot of caffeine. Even the prettiest Cleveland neighborhood is susceptible to rodent visits. Without Cleveland pest control, rodents might get quite comfy in your quaint or upscale home.

What Food Sources Attract Rodents?

When the weather starts cooling down, rodents look for a shelter that will keep them comfy, cozy, well-fed, and watered. Rodents typically eat what humans eat; they like vegetables, meats, cereal grains, seeds, fruits, butter, nuts, and sweets. Since people store, consume and throw away foods that rodents favor, is it any wonder they find ways to wriggle into Cleveland homes? Having an expert like Avenger Pest Control at your fingertips to help answer questions about rodent habits is vital.

Twelve Common Questions And Answers About Mice In The House

Mice in Ohio are one of the most common pests to enter homes. It stands to reason that people will have questions when mice come calling.

Twelve common questions people ask about mice include:

  1. Is it normal to have mice in my home? Yes. Humans have spread into mice habitats, so we live in their territory. When outside temperatures cool, homes provide cozy alternatives to living outside; if given a choice, houses win every time. 

  2. Do mice ever leave homes on their own? No. Mice entering homes typically find life easier; they're rarely willing to go without professional help.

  3. Where do mice typically hide? Mice gravitate to dark, secluded areas in your home like attics, basements, wall voids, under appliances, and in storage boxes (clutter).

  4. When are mice most active? Early morning and dusk are their most active times; they are considered nocturnal.

  5. How do mice get into homes? Mice will use cracks, crevices, holes, and gaps around the exterior of your home. Gaps around doors and windows also aid their access to homes.

  6. What do mice chew through? Mice gnaw on wood, plastic, insulation, drywall, paper products, and wires (just about anything).

  7. Do mice bite? Yes. Mice usually bite if they feel threatened or cornered.

  8. Do mice carry diseases? Yes. Mice are a severe health risk because they bring over 35 diseases, and mice feces contaminate foods and surfaces.

  9. Is it safe to clean mouse droppings yourself? No. People who handle feces can get exposed to salmonella.

  10. Is one mouse a problem? Absolutely. Mice are prolific breeders and rarely travel alone.

  11. Do mice aggravate allergies? Yes. Microscopic drops of urine and dust from feces can cause allergies and asthma flare-ups.

  12. Do I need a pest professional for mice removal? Absolutely. Experts will locate entry points and nests. Mice populations will quickly expand if you don't stop them from getting in and ensure complete removal.

Every homeowner is bound to encounter mice at some point. Mice diets include the foods most people eat; therefore, the family kitchen is typically their favorite room to visit.

Eek! I Saw A Mouse In My Kitchen!

Finding mice in your kitchen can be extremely disturbing. Mice are great contaminators, so the last thing you want to see is a mouse scurrying under your stove or refrigerator. Food contamination from mouse droppings can make people severely ill; they soil every surface they touch. With help from Avenger Pest Control, homeowners can keep mice away and restore infested homes to their healthy condition.

Total Rodent Control For Homes In Cleveland

Homeowners should always use a pest professional like Avenger Pest Control for rodent control in Cleveland. We established our local, minority-owned company in 1991. With over 30 years of experience in the pest control industry, our family-owned company can protect and enhance the health and property of our valued customers. For a free quote on mice removal and pest services, contact Avenger Pest Control today and make sure to ask about our residential and commercial pest control in Cleveland.