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Myths surround cockroaches. Can they live forever? Do they fly? Read on to learn more about cockroaches, including how to keep them out of your house for good. Avenger Pest Control’s cockroach control is the absolute best way to get rid of a cockroach infestation. If you need pest control in Cleveland, you’ve found it with Avenger. 

Cockroaches Are Actually Pretty Fast

That’s right, cockroaches are speedy little insects. On average, a cockroach can run up to three miles per hour. That’s about how fast a human can walk. And since cockroaches are typically between half an inch and two inches long, three mph is fast. Baby cockroaches can come close to matching their parents’ speed after just one day of life, and they’re about the same size as a speck of dust.

Not all cockroach species can fly, but American and German cockroaches can for short distances. This is usually to escape a threat and is also pretty fast. Flying cockroaches can fly quickly but not for long periods. 

Cockroaches Can Survive Long Periods Of Time Without Food And Water

The actual time that a cockroach can last without food and water varies slightly from species to species, but it is true. Cockroaches can live for about one week without water before dying of dehydration. This is also what kills cockroaches after they lose their heads. Roaches breathe through holes in their bodies and have open circulatory systems, so they can survive a beheading. But without a mouth, cockroaches can’t drink water, so they die of dehydration. See, they aren’t invincible. 

Most cockroaches can last a month without food. This is because they’re cold-blooded insects. The need for water is what drives cockroaches to live in humid environments. And, although they can live awhile without food, cockroaches will eat just about anything. German cockroaches, in particular, have been known to eat paper and glue products in addition to human food and decaying organisms (the favorite meals of cockroaches).  

Cockroaches Spread Many Different Illnesses

In addition to having incredible survival instincts and being some of the fastest insects on record, cockroaches are major disease carriers. Their legs have little spines that pick up pathogens—things that cause human disease. Cockroaches spread salmonella and E. coli bacteria and a list of conditions, including typhoid fever and cholera. Roaches mainly cause gastrointestinal diseases because they cross with humans the most over food. Sure, they’ll walk all over the house, but the easiest way you’ll pick up a disease from a cockroach is by ingesting something it contaminated. 

Cockroaches also cause allergies and asthma in humans, especially in children. Their saliva, urine, and fecal matter act like dust mites, irritating noses, and throats. Symptoms of cockroach allergies can become chronic, especially in cases of severe infestation. 

Top Reasons Everyone In Cleveland Should Consider Pest Control

Pest infestations are, at best, annoying. At worst, they become serious issues. That’s why pest control companies like Avenger Pest Control exist. And when it comes to cockroaches, there are many reasons why professional care is your best option.

  • Cockroaches are hard to catch

We already talked about how fast they can run. They also climb walls and hide in dark places. Their coloring and size make them harder to see, with their populations growing exponentially. You can’t possibly catch every single cockroach individually on your own.

  • Cockroaches are hard to kill

Roaches can live a week without water and a month without food. The only reason a cockroach dies after losing its head is because it dehydrates. They also have extremely tough exoskeletons that can withstand a lot of force—so squishing isn’t very effective. Although pesticides can be effective, they can also be dangerous to use frequently around the home. 

  • Cockroaches are harmful

This isn’t a pest you can ignore. Their presence causes allergy symptoms in many people and increases your risk of foodborne illness. The longer an infestation goes on, the higher the risk gets. Roach infestations should be taken care of as soon as possible to avoid spreading disease.

Avenger Pest Control is your best option to get rid of cockroaches. Plus, we offer comprehensive pest management plans to keep them from coming back. Contact Avenger Pest Control today for all your Cleveland pest control needs.