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Cleveland in the summer is magical. After a day of visiting the zoo, or enjoying a concert or a ballgame, the last thing you want to come home to is a house with mice. If you think you have a mouse problem, you need the services of Avenger Pest Control. We're proud to provide reliable and effective pest control in Cleveland. Here are some common questions we get regarding mice in your home. 

If I See One Mouse In My Home, Does That Mean There Are More?

If you see a mouse in your Cleveland home, you likely have a mouse problem. A female mouse gives birth to up to six babies approximately every six weeks. In a year, she can produce up to 60 mice or more. If you see one mouse in your house, there are likely more mice and with more on the way! 

Can Mice Make You Sick Without Touching Them?

Yes, mice can make you sick even if you do not touch them. According to the CDC, mice and rats have been implicated in over 35 diseases such as hantavirus and salmonellosis. You may contract diseases from mice even if you do not touch a mouse through coming in contact with their fecal matter on surfaces or from ticks and fleas that mice often bring into your home with them.

A typical mouse produces up to 100 droppings each day, and contact may result in a rash from mouse feces.  In addition to the droppings, mice constantly urinate in the form of micro-droplets. As they scamper across floors, walls, and the attic, mice leave fecal matter and urine all over your house.

You can get sick from the ticks and fleas that have traveled into your home on a mouse. The ticks and fleas may eventually make their way to your skin and bite you, transferring diseases they're known to carry and transmit. A healthy fear of mice is not bad when you consider the diseases they can bring to your home.

What Happens If My Cat Catches A Mouse?

Cats like to chase things that move; a mouse is no exception. Cats do not always eat their mouse prey, but there are times when they do. If your cat catches a mouse, you want to stop it from eating the mouse. The consumption of a mouse may result in your cat getting sick with roundworms.

If you have rodent poison in the home and your cat eats a mouse, then there may be cause for concern. Some poisons cause internal bleeding. If you have this type of poison and your feline friend shows signs of illness, such as bloating, diarrhea, or vomiting, make a trip to the veterinarian. It is best not to use poison in the home if you have a cat.

Another concern from a cat catching a mouse is the spread of Toxoplasma gondii. Although this protozoan parasite is of greater concern to humans than cats, it can be spread from the mouse to the cat and then to you. Because of these reasons and more, you will want to do all you can to get rid of mice in your Cleveland home.

How Do I Get Rid Of Mice For Good?

The fastest way to get rid of mice is to secure the services of the professional team at Avenger Pest Control.  Our trained team knows where to look for mice, and we know the best practices for eliminating mice and for preventing future infestations. Contact us today and let us handle your mouse infestation. Mice reproduce fast and you need the best pest control in Cleveland to tackle your mouse problem.