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Rodent Control In Cleveland, OH

Suffering From Rodents? Avenger Pest Control Can Help!

Rodents can be a serious problem in Cleveland and should be promptly eliminated as soon as possible. If not dealt with right away, these animals could cause an overwhelming amount of damage to both homes and businesses, spreading diseases, contaminating food supplies, and reducing air quality.

If you're concerned about your risks for rodent issues in the future, the team behind Avenger Pest Control may be able to help. We have been a trusted provider of Cleveland rodent control for 30 years and are a leading rodent management organization for property owners around the area. From the largest nests to the smallest rodent, Avenger Pest Control provides the residential pest control treatments you need to be rodent-free.

Our Cleveland, OH Rodent Control Process

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Rodent control has never been simpler with the team behind Avenger Pest Control. Our highly vetted process makes the system safe, effective, and accessible to clients with any rodent control needs.

  • Small rodents can fit through holes the size of a dime. For this reason, our inspection crew will look all over the home for signs of rodent activity. We'll scout through crawl spaces, attics, and food storage areas and look for droppings, nutshells, twigs, or additional debris.
  • Tier 1 bait boxes are placed in rodent-conducive areas, near openings, or somewhere along the home's perimeter. As the service continues, our team will continue to provide support on a regular basis by monitoring bait stations every 30 days. As rodent activity falls, our professionals will begin visiting every 60 days (2 months).
  • Avenger Pest Control uses some of the best rodent bait in the industry. By allowing rodents only to eat what they need, these pests can be reduced efficiently. This method also prevents secondary poisoning for pets and young children.

Avenger Pest Control is ready and waiting to handle your Cleveland, OH rodent infestation. Call today for your complimentary estimate.

Simple Ways To Protect Yourself From Rodent Problems

Serious rodent concerns are best avoided by implementing long-lasting prevention tactics in your home or business. Below is a list of rodent prevention techniques that you can use before and after an infestation.

  • Use food storage containers with tight-fitting lids to keep rodents away from your food. If possible, put prepared food on the counters into a refrigerator.
  • Store garbage in sealed cans, and keep compost piles well away from your home. The more frequently you turn your compost, the faster it will break down.
  • Look for rodent activity around vents, chimneys, or other openings to the exterior. Use exclusionary tools like wire meshing to keep rodents from coming indoors.
  • Be sure that all your doors have a tight seal, and inspect screens for holes or rips. Apply waterproof caulk to cracks, gaps, and other crevices around the house.

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Keeping rodents away from your property is a much more manageable task when done proactively rather than reactively. After an infestation has already taken place, don't hesitate to get connected with the highly educated team at Avenger Pest Control. Feel free to call our Cleveland office directly to be connected with a Cleveland, OH pest professional immediately, or submit a contact form to speak with a pro at your convenience. Your newfound freedom from rodents is just a few treatments away!

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