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Home Pest Control In Cleveland, OH

Thorough Pest Control For Your Cleveland Home

Protecting your family and the home you live in is a job you don’t take lightly. When a problem occurs, you know it’s important to tackle it quickly to avoid it growing worse or causing other problems. While this is true of any home issue, it is especially true when it comes to a pest infestation. When pests get into your house, they cause damage and spread germs, and both of these problems can lead to more problems down the road.

The sooner you eliminate a pest infestation and take preventative measures to avoid another one, the better you can minimize problems. Avenger Pest Control has solved pest problems in Cleveland homes for over 30 years. Our experienced certified applicators provide the treatments you need to protect your home and family.

What To Expect From Our Home Pest Control Service

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When you contact us for home pest control, we take the time to talk with you and listen to your concerns. We want to know what you’ve been experiencing so that we know what to look for when we perform our inspection. Our inspections are thorough and designed to identify conducive conditions, moisture issues, entry points, food sources, and more. We’ll inspect both inside and outside your house.

After our inspection, we’ll perform an initial treatment designed for reduction and prevention. Our treatment will be to both interior and exterior locations and typically includes a variety of methods and products to deliver the most effective results. These may include dusting, monitoring devices, liquid applications, granulation, de-webbing, and more.

Once we’ve completed our initial treatment, we’ll return 30 days later for a follow-up service. This schedule allows us to break up the egg cycles of pests for the best results. We’ll then move to a bi-monthly treatment schedule to maintain your home’s pest protection throughout the year.

Our Home Pest Control Process

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Our inspection includes the interior and exterior of your house to identify all conditions that are attracting pests, allowing them inside, and helping them survive and thrive in your house.

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Our initial treatment is thorough, includes interior and exterior treatments, and is designed to stop the active pests in your house while also preventing new pests from getting inside.

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After our initial treatment, we perform a 30-day follow-up, then move to a bimonthly re-treatment schedule. This schedule helps protect your house from pests year-round.

Our Specialty Pest Control Plans

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Our home pest control targets the many different types of general and seasonal pests that infest Cleveland homes throughout the year. We offer several additional home pest control services that target specific pests that don’t respond to our general treatments. These include the following:

Learn more about these services by clicking on the links above.

Home Pest Control You Can Count On In Cleveland, OH

When pests invade your home, you want a pest control company you can count on to get rid of the infestation and do it in a safe way for your family. Avenger Pest Control is a family-owned business that cares about our customers. With over 30 years of experience, we only use the safest and most effective treatment methods and products. We make sure to clearly communicate with you through the entire process so you always know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. If you have a residential or commercial pest problem in Cleveland that needs to be solved, contact us today to get your free quote.

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